Talk Titles

# Invited Speaker Talk Title
1 Shaffique Adam
Apparent strange metal behaviour in small angle twisted bilayer graphene
2 Eva Andrei
Superconductivity with a double twist
3 Ankita Anirban
Pitching an article to Nature Reviews Physics
4 Alexey Berdyugin
Electronic properties of Dirac plasma
5 Deung-Jang (DJ) Choi
Hunting for in-gap states in a superconductor towards topological superconductivity
6 Swarup Deb
Cumulative polarization in conductive interfacial ferroelectrics
7 Lingjie Du
Probing chiral graviton modes in fractional quantum Hall liquids
8 Rui-Rui Du
Realizing Bosonic Fractional Quantum Hall Effect in Electron-Hole Bilayers
9 Lloyd Engel
Characterization of pinning disorder and possible phase transitions in the high magnetic field Wigner solid
10 Jaroslav Fabian
11 Yuval Gefen
Measuring Entanglement in Electronic Interferometers
12 Leonid Golub
Linear photogalvanic effect in topological insulators
13 Alejandro Gonzalez-Tudela
Synthetic twisted bilayers with matter waves
14 Igor Gornyi

Free fermions under random measurements

15 Francisco (Paco) Guinea
Twisted bilayer graphene: superconducting order parameter and novel devices
16 Adbhut Gupta
Highly-Anisotropic Even-Denominator Fractional Quantum Hall State in an Orbitally-Coupled Half-Filled Landau Level
17 Bertrand Halperin
Interferometry in Fractional Quantum Hall Systems
18 Alexander Hamilton
Artificial electrostatic crystals: a new platform for electronic quantum matter
19 Zeyu Hao
Novel interlayer quantum Hall states and magneto-exciton condensation in double bilayer graphene
20 Masayuki Hashisaka
Coherent-Incoherent Crossover of Charge and Neutral Mode Transport as Evidence for the Disorder-Dominated Fractional Edge Phase
21 Harold Hwang
Normal state properties of the superconducting nickelates
22 Maxim Ilyn
Magnetic and electronic properties of the epitaxial layers of 2D transtion metal dihalides
23 Takuya Iwasaki
Tunable energy gap and a phase transition in bilayer graphene/hexagonal boron nitride superlattices
24 Jainendra K Jain
Pairing in fractional quantum Hall effect
25 Jelena Klinovaja
Superconducting diode effect due to magnetochiral anisotropy in topological insulator and Rashba nanowires
26 Klaus von Klitzing
Quantum X.1
27 Piotr Kossacki
Neutral and charged exciton interactions in MoSe2 monolayer
28 Ze Don Kvon
Unusual mesoscopic conductance fluctuations in 2D HgTe semimetal
29 Maria Labendik

Shot noise detection of abelian and non-abelian quasiparticles' charges

30 Alex Levchenko
Transport in electron bilayers: Fermi-Liquids, strange metals, composite fermions
31 Yang Liu
Dynamic Response of Wigner Crystals
32 Daniel Loss
From Fractional Spin to Spin Quantum Hall Effect
33 Allan MacDonald
Quantum Hall Effects with and without Magnetic Fields
34 Michael James Manfra
Fractionalization of charge and statistics in two dimensions
35 Xavier Marie
Control of the Exciton and Spin/Valley Properties in Transition Metal Dichalcogenide Monolayers
36 Denis Maryenko

Superconductivity at epitaxial LaTiO3-KTaO3 interfaces

37 Yigal Meir
Measuring Entropy of Exotic Particles
38 Dmitry Miserev
Dimensional reduction of the interacting D-dimensional electron gas: multidimensional bosonization and beyond
39 Markus Morgenstern
Magnetism meets topology: The ferromagnetic topological insulator MnSb2Te4
40 Alberto Morpurgo
Probing and controlling 2D magnetic materials with transport in nanodevices
41 Elisabetta Paladino
Second spectrum of charge carrier density fluctuations in graphene due to trapping/detrapping processes
42 Stuart Parkin
Non-reciprocity of critical supercurrent in 2D van der Waals based Josephson Junctions
43 Loren Pfeiffer
Setting new mobility standards for 2DES and 2DHS in GaAs
44 Leonid Ponomarenko
Giant magnetoresistance of Dirac plasma in monolayer graphene
45 Marek Potemski
Magnons, magnon polarons and spin-entangled optical resonances in semiconducting van der Waals antiferromagnets
46 Leonid Rokhinson
Transport in 1D helical Luttinger liquids in the fractional quantum Hall regime
47 Maksim Savchenko
Optical SdH and other quantum oscillations in THz absorption
48 Qianhui Shi
Quantum phenomena in the Landau levels of atomically-thin transition metal dicalcogenides
49 Inti Sodemann
Matryoshka Fermi Liquids
50 Takashi Taniguchi
Hexagonal Boron Nitride single crystals and thier impurity control
51 Lars Tiemann
Acoustically Induced Pseudomagnetic Fields and Synthetic Hall Voltages in Graphene
52 Ilya Tokatly
Anomalous currents, magnetic response and magnetic interactions in 2D gyrotropic superconductors
53 Miguel M Ugeda
Magnetic order in a coherent two-dimensional Kondo lattice
54 Chengyu Wang
Even-denominator fractional quantum Hall states in ultra-high-mobility GaAs two-dimensional hole systems
55 Robert L. Willett
Interferometer studies of Abelian and candidate non-Abelian states
56 Chi Zhang
Magnetic resonances in a strong magnetism modulated two-dimensional electron gas
57 Jun Zhu
High-temperature quantum valley Hall effect in Bernal bilayer graphene
58 Michael Zudov
Emergent anisoropic phase in GaAs quantum wells subjected to tilted magnetic field