Chillida-Leku is an outdoor museum in the outskirts of Donostia / San Sebastain.

  • The bus(es) will depart from near the place where we have lunch (Hotel Barcel√≥ Costa Vasca) at 15:30 and bring us back to the same spot at about 17:45-18:00.
  • At the Chillida-Leku museum we will have a guided tour and some free time afterwards to explore on our own. Since the territory is relatively large, please mind to gather back near the reception/entrance before 17:30.
  • It is recommended to dress causal and wear shoes suitable for walking on the grass (such as sneakers/trainers). To get an idea about the typical outdoor conditions, please see the image below:

Scheduled for
Time Slot
15:30 - 18:00