An International Workshop on

Quantum Phenomena in 2D Matter

Miramar Palace, Donostia-San Sebastian

Basque Country, Spain, July 17-21, 2023

Modern theoretical, experimental, and applied physics of two-dimensional (2D) systems explore and employ the great richness of their quantum properties. These properties are probed by various experimental techniques, such as charge, spin, exciton, and heat transport, optical, microwave, and scanning-probe spectroscopies, photoresistance, etc. Over the recent years, the available variety of 2D systems has grown dramatically and include various semiconductor and oxide heterostructures, atomically thin layers (or bi-layers) of graphene, transition metal dichalcogenides, and their heterostructures.

  • Eva Andrei (Rutgers)
  • Cory Dean (Columbia)
  • Rui-Rui Du (Beijing)
  • Yuval Gefen (Weizmann)
  • Francisco Guinea (Madrid/ Donostia)
  • Bertrand Halperin (Harvard)
  • Alex Hamilton (Sydney)
  • Harold Hwang (Stanford)
  • Jainendra Jain (Penn State)
  • Philip Kim (Harvard)
  • Jelena Klinovaja (Basel)
  • Klaus von Klitzing (MPI Stuttgart)
  • Daniel Loss (Basel)
  • Allan MacDonald (Austin)
  • Michael Manfra (Purdue)
  • Xavier Marie (Toulouse)
  • Denis Maryenko (RIKEN)
  • Miguel Moreno Ugeda (Donostia)
  • Markus Morgenstern (RWTH Aachen)
  • Alberto Morpurgo (Geneva)
  • Stuart Parkin (MPI Halle)
  • Loren Pfeiffer (Princeton)
  • Marek Potemski (CNRS Grenoble)
  • Mansour Shayegan (Princeton)
  • Qianhui Shi (UCLA)
  • Takashi Taniguchi (NIMS)
  • Ilya Tokatly (Donostia)
  • Robert Willett (Nokia Bell Labs)
  • Qi-Kun Xue (Tsinghua)
  • Amir Yacoby (Harvard)
  • Jun Zhu (Penn State)
  • Michael Zudov (Minnesota)

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