Practical Information

  1. If you checked in your luggage in a country outside of the EU customs zone (e.g. Switzerland), your luggage might be dispatched to a different belt than that of most passengers. The non-EU belt is located behind a glass wall in the main hall. You need to press a button to open the door and pass the customs for non-EU passengers.
  2. If you are arriving from or via the UK, your luggage will (again, most probably) be in the non-EU arrival hall. However, the passport control will most likely divert you directly to the non-EU hall.
  3. Note that it can take up to 1 hour to get your luggage (usually 30 mins).
  4. There is a good shuttle bus connection between the Bilbao airport and Donostia-San Sebastian bus station (taking approx. 1 hour 15 mins and costs about 17 euros). The bus departs every 30 minutes during daytime:
    • Bilbao Airport (Loiu) >> Donostia—San Sebastian at hh:15 and hh:45 (ticket machine or bus driver sells tickets, usually cash only!)
    • Donostia—San Sebastián >> Bilbao Airport (Loiu) at hh:00 and hh:30 (ticket office at the underground bus station, if open; bus driver, otherwise)

      More info and schedule is here:
      The bus company logo usually is "LURRALDE BUS”.
  5. In Donostia-San Sebastian, the taxi line is at the main train station, very close to the underground bus station (20 meters away).